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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
of Booking and Travel

Tickets are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

Tickets will be forwarded approximately one week before the tour.

3801 limited makes every endeavour to allocate seating on a fair and equitable basis. It is not always possible to satisfy every request for forward facing or window seats but we will do our best to assist.

3801 limited makes every endeavour to ensure that tours operate as advertised. Unfortunately. This may not always be possible owing to unforeseen circumstances such as total fire bans or mechanical failures. In such events we reserve the right to make whatever changes are necessary, without compensation. However any changes made will only be after we have exhausted all reasonable efforts to provide the tour as advertised.

Times shown on brochures are subject to approval of the relevant authorities and could differ on the day. Correct times will be advised on your tickets or by special mail. Refunds will not be given for change of destination or last minute variations to timetables caused by events outside the control of 3801 limited.

Payment must accompany this form. Telephone bookings will be accepted but must be paid within five working days or your booking will lapse.

3801 limited reserves the right to apply the following cancellation fees:

  • Bookings cancelled more than seven days prior to travel - 10% of fare paid Bookings cancelled seven days or less prior to date of travel - NO REFUND.
  • Requests for cancellation must be confirmed to this company in writing before any refund will be made.

Smoking is not permitted on the train.

Wheelchair access is restricted due to the narrow width of the carriage doors. Only wheelchairs of the folding variety can be catered. Passengers must sit in the seats allocated. Wheelchairs and perambulators must be folded and stowed away for safety. A ramp is available to assist people who have difficulty crossing any saps between the platform and carriage.

Passengers may only board or alight from the train at the platforms provided. In the event of an emergency passengers must follow the instructions of their carriage attendant, an officer of 3801 Limited or an authorised person of any relevant rail authority.

Strict regulations prevent us allowing footplate rides on the locomotives.

In the interests of fellow travellers, passengers are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will not offend others. Passengers are also requested not to obstruct doorways and passageways or to place any part of their bodies outside of the carriages except when boarding or alighting at approved stops. 3801 Limited reserve the right to remove offensive passengers, or passengers placing themselves or others at risk of injury, from the train at any stop. Travel from that point will be at the removed person's own expense and no refund of fare will be permitted.

The acceptance of a ticket for travel shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these terms and conditions by the person(s) named on the booking form. Furthermore the said person(s) undertake to convey and confirm these terms and conditions to all persons travelling under the ticket applied for on the booking form.